Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 001

(Session 1, July 25th)

Jul 01 – H contacted for a job needing medical expertise. Arrange rendezvous at Hat Shop, meet A alongside H & L. Target is a cylinder containing biological material (plus associated paydata), needs extraction, medical monitoring & safekeeping for up to a week. Bring in L & I for magical expertise. Cylinder stored in a 2 storey office building in Pantin district, owned by a small seemingly independent corp named Essilor which specialises in perfumes.

Jul 02 – A obtains security uniforms. H’s spider contact obtains name & address of day-shift head of security, Matthieu Michaud. H obtains public blueprints & does a Matrix scouting run. Take H & I on a slow drive-by during rush hour, no external wards. I does an astral scouting run. Looks like obstacle is kept in the basement, behind a fingerprint-coded lock & some sort of magical barrier. Construct storage & monitoring device with H, construct makeshift padded/armoured/shielded holdall to transport cylinder.

Jul 03 – L obtains fingerprints from Michaud’s trash for A’s glove moulder. Van parked some distance away, team enters at 10pm on foot, wearing security guard uniforms & concealed from view by I’s elemental. Hack door, sneak in, H gets spotted by one guard inside the building but manages to bluff through. Unusual warning against exposed cyberware? Bypass motion sensors, find basement door, A’s moulder works. Short flight of steps leads to one large basement storage room, target in centre. A helps me deal with pressure plate, I handles magical wards & alarms. Rest of room lined with shelves & boxes seemingly containing normal perfume – accidentally spill some on the sleeve of my uniform while investigating, remove & burn uniform on way back to van.

Jul 04 – A stays at house to help secure payload.

JUl 06 – Payload handover to A’s employer.


AndyWroe Kaililitu

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