Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 002

(Session 2, August 2nd)

Jul 07 to Jul 09 – Quiet few days. L helping I learn Sanskrit.

Jul 10 – Ork ganger Brek brings unconscious human ganger Marco into the office. Marco covered in claw marks, some quite deep, was found on ground by river to east. Initial examination suggests ghoul attack and infection. Move Marco to surgery for treatment, tell Brek to contact Benny for possible treatment drugs and boss about ghoul attacks. L visits contact to obtain disease curing spell, but will need 4-5 days to learn. Contact Brek later, told boss want me to investigate local ghoul threat. H pulls news reports, ghoul attacks since 1 month ago in several nearby districts along the river, some fatalities. I scouts astrally, finds 12 feral ghouls nesting in abandoned metro tunnels (also 1 shot body elsewhere). Contact landlord, arrange discount on August rent in return for dealing with ghouls. Contact A, offer 1k for help on hunt. H obtains map of tunnels. Take van to tunnel entrance, H stays in van, rest of us enter. Encounter 6 ghouls near scouted nest site, 2 standing in open, 4 on pipes in ceiling attempting ambush. Kill all 6 before they can close to melee.


AndyWroe Kaililitu

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