Mario Lavoisier




3 3 3 1 2 3 6 5 3 6
3 7 5 7
  • Street Cred: 0
  • Notoriety: 0
  • Public Awareness: 0


  • Analytical Mind
  • Bilingual
  • Magician
  • Quick Healer
  • Corporate Born SIN



Arcana, Artificing, Banishing, Binding, Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, Summoning


Alchemy, Assensing, Biotechnology, Disenchanting, Perception, Pilot Aerospace

  • Italian (N)
  • French (N)
  • Sperethiel (2)
  • English (2)
  • Magic Theory
  • Magical Threats
  • Magic Traditions


  • Flamethrower
  • Manabolt
  • Stunball
  • Analyze Magic
  • Silence
  • Levitate (Resist with Str+Body if required)
  • Light
  • Mana Barrier (rating = hits) Magic + Charisma [Astral] vs Rating x 2 to slip through or as standard barrier
  • Physical Barrier (1 point of Armor/Structure per hit)
  • Ward (Ritual)


Paulo Gallini Hermetic Academic C2,L4


Actioneer Business Clothes
Commlink, Micro-transceiver, Subvocal Mic, AR Gloves, E-Paper
Binoculars, Endoscope,
Gas Mask,
Power Focus (2)


35+3500-300 = 3,235Y +4d6x10


Born in Florence to French father () and Italian mother (civil servant), [what happened to them?]

Always intellectually gifted, the manifestation of his magical talent brought Mario into the orbit of Paulo Gallini at the University of Florence (sponsored by Saeder-Krupp)

Upon graduation, Mario was offered a research post at with ‘ Bouvier and Weinstein’ the benefit of a full Corporate SIN and substantial remuneration under the direction of the charismatic Francois Brisbois. Mario naively didn’t ask too many questions about how such a minor corp was offering a full Corporate SIN or where the money was coming from (upon investigation, B&W’s only activity appears to be the single research facility). He was dazzled with promises of brilliant prospects within the parent corporation once the project (fascinating work!) was complete but never quite found out who the parent corporation was.

The work focused on the nature of magical talent and the variouis racial transformations from a magical perspective, which Mario did indeed find deeply engrossing. Mario was not encouraged to concern himself with the biological aspects though they were certainly being investigated by other teams with whom there was occasional contact. The goal was to be able to induce racial changes with a view to being able to Awaken individuals who would not otherwise gain magical abilities and/or enhance the gifts of those who had them already.

Initially the work was entirely theoretical but soon moved on to animal experimentation. In due course they progressed to human subjects; Mario was not overly concerned by this -“they’re just SINless criminals” and he never interacted with them before the actual experiments (afterwards ..well they generally weren’t human “early days my lad”).
Early on in Mario’s employment the team managed to induce “goblinisation” ..of a sort. The new goblins gained none of the Physical advantages enjoyed by Orcs and Trolls but suffered all of their mental drawbacks and more; more interestingly the subjects also lost Essence in the process. While this was not a research goal, they now had a process of the right sort and it was deemed worthy of further investigation and analysis. More subjects were brought in and transformed under various conditions and intense observation. Methods of reversing the process were discussed but not actually attempted ("all in good time, we certainly want to but lets understand what we’re dealing with first eh? Now your idea about the Hurningfold Mainspring in the fourth giration seems promising, why don’t you …).

Mario was starting to become a little uncomfortable with the direction of research and some of the unexplained activity. He detected certain strange auras and strong Barriers in the foundations. Mario slowly became aware that he was being excluded from conversations.
It was at this point that he encountered the Shadow Runners who would lead him to the discovery of Blood Magic rituals and traficking in humanoid organs (apparantly the goblins do have a particular value) and ultimately the confrontation that climaxed in the fatal showdown with Brisbois and the (apparent) desctruction of the entire compound

Mario Lavoisier

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