“Spirited Incision”

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  • Avalon – human female, 5’8, covert ops specialist,
    SINs: Annabelle Tamagawa (primary) / Hitomi DeWinters / Madeleine Kiritsugu (secondary)
  • Doc Inks – ork male, 7’1, 175kg, street doc,
    SINs: Amos Martin (primary) / Alexis Mackenzie (disposable)
  • Hardwire – elf male, decker,
    SINs: Alban Vernier (primary) / Georges Chauve / Henri Pretre / Amand Plantier
  • Ivory – human male, Hermetic former wage-mage,
    SINs: Jean-Paul Norrelle (fake) / Mario Lavoisier (corp)
  • Lakshmi – human female, Hermetic mystic adept,
    SIN: Susmitha Tomar

Thurs July 1st 2077 – Perfume Bottle job meet, Doc’s Log 001
Fri July 2nd – Perfume Bottle prep
Sat July 3rd – Perfume Bottle run
July 4th-5th – Perfumr Bottle caretaking
Tues July 6th – Perfume Bottle handover (5 karma, variable pay)
July 7th-9th – Downtime, Doc’s Log 002
Sat July 10th – Ghoul Hunt run, continued in Doc’s Log 003 (5 karma, variable pay)
July 11th-16th – Downtime, Doc’s Log 004
Sat Jul 17th – Identical Vikings job meet & surveillance
Sun Jul 18th – Ghoul Mage Extraction run, Doc’s Log 005

Minor characters:
Clarice Frenell: Wife of Michael Frenell.
Dirk: Anneau de Couteaux ganger, friend of Brek, wields a machine gun.
Francois: Anneau de Couteaux ganger, friend of Brek, wields an assault rifle.
Michael Frenell: Metro engineer for SNCF, lost both legs while captive in ghoul larder.
Nikita Graf-Bellois: Mysterious leader of Monday Vikings, heavily but subtly augmented, has decoy doubles.

Shadowrun Paris

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