Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 005
(Session 5, August 23rd)

Jul 18 – Ping from the dropbox H set up for a response from Clarice Frenell, wife of the missing SNCF engineer; anon asking for online meet at a Matrix cafe. Attend with I & L, H running background security. LeBlanc’s icon resembles C20th children’s trid character “Fat Controller”. Asks for evidence on ghoul infestation & accompanying ghoul mage, offers pay on behalf of SNCF (subcompany of ESUS) to clear out tunnels & recover engineer Michael Frenell alive/turned/dead. 10k bonus if we can deliver ghoul mage as live captive, gives contact link for collection team to call in once we have her.
Call Brek, invite him & any friends he can gather on short notice to come get revenge on ghouls with us, offer them small cut plus the ears of any ghouls we kill. While waiting for their arrival, I & L summon spirits & we plan assault. Brek arrives with ganger Francois (both with assault rifles) & ganger Dirk with impressive machine gun. We block surface ventilation vents to prevent ghouls escaping, send I’s elemental spirit to kill any ghouls emerging from second station, have H close down all the tunnel doors, then go in through ruined station/office complex. Building clear above ground, large room at base of stairs contains 6 dwarf ghouls who pelt me with rubble & 1 troll ghoul in lavatory, set on fire by I & decked by an intercept from L. Catch breath, collect ears for Brek. Feral ghoul rabble flees station in panic to pound on gates, I spots astral barrier around large room at one end of station. L’s spirit breaks through, room on other side contains 1 troll ghoul, 2 human ghouls, 2 elf ghoul physical adepts with monoswords, glowing misty barrier around office in corner. Air elemental sweeps through us & attacks Dirk, dealt with by L. Ghouls in room tear through L’s spirit with claws, adept comes through doorway & attacks me with blow after blow from monosword.

Doc's Log 004
(Session 4, August 16th)

Jul 11 to Jul 16 – Contact Benny & Sasha, give them full details of situation, suggest Benny looks into possible ghoul vaccines & Sasha stocks some high-powered weapons to take down troll ghouls. Text Jacques to ask about delivery/collection of ghoul ears, told end of month along with rent, stick in freezer. Call Brek in, wake Mario, discuss what to do if (when) Mario turns. Mario delirious & hysterical, Brek agrees that lethal injection is the best option. Administered late on 12th when outcome is inevitable, Mario’s body burnt, possessions boxed & given to Brek. Spend rest of week researching possible vaccine to help counter the local strain of HMHVV-Krieger.
I trains in basics of stealth. L learns spell to counter disease.
H researches I’s former company – all info has been thoroughly scrubbed from Matrix. Online info claims I worked for Saeder-Krupp. No record of I’s former boss ever existing, clearly presented fake identity to I. H also spots missing person report filed by wife of SNCF engineer & surveyor Michael Frenell, last seen in vicinity of tunnels. Sends wife files suggesting ghoul attack, provides anonymous Matrix address for responses.

Jul 17 – H contacted by A seeking team for wet job, target Nikita Graf-Bellois. 10k per target, analysis suggests 2-5 targets (clones? decoys? shapeshifters?), meet in Old Hat Shop to negotiate cut with A (1850 each per target, expenses not covered). Try to discuss A’s behaviour on last job, but like water off a duck’s back. Nikita heads group called “Monday Vikings”, claim to be sports fans wanting access to Inner Paris to watch tennis matches, actually more interested in class warfare, hooliganism, & various low-level crimes.
5 leaders meet every Saturday in private back room of Cafe du Sport bar, then go on to rally of about 50-60 in middle of small local park, disrupting usual parkgoers. H hacks bar, hire fee paid in cash, surveillance within room switched off, some leave room to order drinks from bar but not target. Few low-key cops keeping an eye on rally, few attendees with low-level magic, A blends into crowd while rest of us stay in van parked outside park. H & I Scan target – elf female, early 30s, slim build, no magic, ~50% Essence, feeling bored despite leading rally. Subtle whole-body cyberware (inc. bone, muscles, skin, head) including facial ’ware & spurs, ’ware slaved to commlink running silent while separate commlink active on Matrix. At end of rally target gets into car with driver, A follows on bike, target changes vehicles & makes routine attempts to lose tails before entering Inner Paris.
H discovers that Gendarmes Inc. have been investigating Monday Vikings, records kept in archives of local investigation department building, A & H begin planning infiltration op.

Doc's Log 003
(Session 3, August 9th)

Jul 10 (cont.) – H closes fire doors so L can rest 2 hours to recover from casting. Examine & search bodies, cut off & package right ears for bounty, take blood sample for analysis. No possessions besides poorly fitting matching armour coats, all with stylised symbol of wearer’s original race (4 human, 2 elf) with a line through it. Gang uniform? H searches net, reports of 3-4 similar corpses found ~2 years back. A sends spy drone under door, finds nest, finds 6 more ghouls (inc. 2 trolls) at station down the line. A pushes I for information on I’s history. Move on to station, try to talk, ghouls hide behind barriers and throw things. Climb up to ceiling pipes for view over barriers, take out 4 ghouls (both trolls dead, 2 others KO), others flee. During fight 6 ghouls (inc. 2 trolls, 1 mage) sneak up on H in van with help of air elemental, mage speaks in posh female voice, threatens & exchanges information. Mage suggests providing 1 or 2 bodies a week would stop feral ghouls needing to leave tunnels to find prey, threatens our lives if we ever enter tunnels again. Provides location in tunnels where she can be contacted on Thursdays.

Regroup & retreat home. Update J, seems surprisingly unbothered, demands ears & offers half promised payment in exchange as threat wasn’t fully dealt with. We question A about mid-Run push for info on I’s history, A claims to have roughed up an investigator & made contact with a LeBlanc paying for reports on I & anything unusual with I’s casting. Highly suspicious of A, give A promised payment for Run.

Doc's Log 002
(Session 2, August 2nd)

Jul 07 to Jul 09 – Quiet few days. L helping I learn Sanskrit.

Jul 10 – Ork ganger Brek brings unconscious human ganger Marco into the office. Marco covered in claw marks, some quite deep, was found on ground by river to east. Initial examination suggests ghoul attack and infection. Move Marco to surgery for treatment, tell Brek to contact Benny for possible treatment drugs and boss about ghoul attacks. L visits contact to obtain disease curing spell, but will need 4-5 days to learn. Contact Brek later, told boss want me to investigate local ghoul threat. H pulls news reports, ghoul attacks since 1 month ago in several nearby districts along the river, some fatalities. I scouts astrally, finds 12 feral ghouls nesting in abandoned metro tunnels (also 1 shot body elsewhere). Contact landlord, arrange discount on August rent in return for dealing with ghouls. Contact A, offer 1k for help on hunt. H obtains map of tunnels. Take van to tunnel entrance, H stays in van, rest of us enter. Encounter 6 ghouls near scouted nest site, 2 standing in open, 4 on pipes in ceiling attempting ambush. Kill all 6 before they can close to melee.

Doc's Log 001
(Session 1, July 25th)

Jul 01 – H contacted for a job needing medical expertise. Arrange rendezvous at Hat Shop, meet A alongside H & L. Target is a cylinder containing biological material (plus associated paydata), needs extraction, medical monitoring & safekeeping for up to a week. Bring in L & I for magical expertise. Cylinder stored in a 2 storey office building in Pantin district, owned by a small seemingly independent corp named Essilor which specialises in perfumes.

Jul 02 – A obtains security uniforms. H’s spider contact obtains name & address of day-shift head of security, Matthieu Michaud. H obtains public blueprints & does a Matrix scouting run. Take H & I on a slow drive-by during rush hour, no external wards. I does an astral scouting run. Looks like obstacle is kept in the basement, behind a fingerprint-coded lock & some sort of magical barrier. Construct storage & monitoring device with H, construct makeshift padded/armoured/shielded holdall to transport cylinder.

Jul 03 – L obtains fingerprints from Michaud’s trash for A’s glove moulder. Van parked some distance away, team enters at 10pm on foot, wearing security guard uniforms & concealed from view by I’s elemental. Hack door, sneak in, H gets spotted by one guard inside the building but manages to bluff through. Unusual warning against exposed cyberware? Bypass motion sensors, find basement door, A’s moulder works. Short flight of steps leads to one large basement storage room, target in centre. A helps me deal with pressure plate, I handles magical wards & alarms. Rest of room lined with shelves & boxes seemingly containing normal perfume – accidentally spill some on the sleeve of my uniform while investigating, remove & burn uniform on way back to van.

Jul 04 – A stays at house to help secure payload.

JUl 06 – Payload handover to A’s employer.


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