Alain "Brighteyes" Ruppert

Black Market Aug Dealer


Contact of Doc Inks

A stylishly dressed human in his mid thirties with distinctive augmentation, most notably the glowing green eyes that give him his nickname. As one of Paris’ main suppliers of black market cyberware, bioware and cultured bioware, Alain likes to keep tabs on most of the city’s chop shops and street docs, which is how Doc came to his attention. He’s called on Doc a couple of times when a client needs some installation done off the record, was the person who recommended that Doc get cultured neural bioware to increase his medical skill, and sourced all the cultured bioware Doc currently has installed. While he presents a wryly jovial demeanour on the surface, this conceals a sharp and ruthless business acumen and a medically creative attitude towards punishing those who cross him.


Alain "Brighteyes" Ruppert

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