Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 003

(Session 3, August 9th)

Jul 10 (cont.) – H closes fire doors so L can rest 2 hours to recover from casting. Examine & search bodies, cut off & package right ears for bounty, take blood sample for analysis. No possessions besides poorly fitting matching armour coats, all with stylised symbol of wearer’s original race (4 human, 2 elf) with a line through it. Gang uniform? H searches net, reports of 3-4 similar corpses found ~2 years back. A sends spy drone under door, finds nest, finds 6 more ghouls (inc. 2 trolls) at station down the line. A pushes I for information on I’s history. Move on to station, try to talk, ghouls hide behind barriers and throw things. Climb up to ceiling pipes for view over barriers, take out 4 ghouls (both trolls dead, 2 others KO), others flee. During fight 6 ghouls (inc. 2 trolls, 1 mage) sneak up on H in van with help of air elemental, mage speaks in posh female voice, threatens & exchanges information. Mage suggests providing 1 or 2 bodies a week would stop feral ghouls needing to leave tunnels to find prey, threatens our lives if we ever enter tunnels again. Provides location in tunnels where she can be contacted on Thursdays.

Regroup & retreat home. Update J, seems surprisingly unbothered, demands ears & offers half promised payment in exchange as threat wasn’t fully dealt with. We question A about mid-Run push for info on I’s history, A claims to have roughed up an investigator & made contact with a LeBlanc paying for reports on I & anything unusual with I’s casting. Highly suspicious of A, give A promised payment for Run.


AndyWroe Kaililitu

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