Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 004

(Session 4, August 16th)

Jul 11 to Jul 16 – Contact Benny & Sasha, give them full details of situation, suggest Benny looks into possible ghoul vaccines & Sasha stocks some high-powered weapons to take down troll ghouls. Text Jacques to ask about delivery/collection of ghoul ears, told end of month along with rent, stick in freezer. Call Brek in, wake Mario, discuss what to do if (when) Mario turns. Mario delirious & hysterical, Brek agrees that lethal injection is the best option. Administered late on 12th when outcome is inevitable, Mario’s body burnt, possessions boxed & given to Brek. Spend rest of week researching possible vaccine to help counter the local strain of HMHVV-Krieger.
I trains in basics of stealth. L learns spell to counter disease.
H researches I’s former company – all info has been thoroughly scrubbed from Matrix. Online info claims I worked for Saeder-Krupp. No record of I’s former boss ever existing, clearly presented fake identity to I. H also spots missing person report filed by wife of SNCF engineer & surveyor Michael Frenell, last seen in vicinity of tunnels. Sends wife files suggesting ghoul attack, provides anonymous Matrix address for responses.

Jul 17 – H contacted by A seeking team for wet job, target Nikita Graf-Bellois. 10k per target, analysis suggests 2-5 targets (clones? decoys? shapeshifters?), meet in Old Hat Shop to negotiate cut with A (1850 each per target, expenses not covered). Try to discuss A’s behaviour on last job, but like water off a duck’s back. Nikita heads group called “Monday Vikings”, claim to be sports fans wanting access to Inner Paris to watch tennis matches, actually more interested in class warfare, hooliganism, & various low-level crimes.
5 leaders meet every Saturday in private back room of Cafe du Sport bar, then go on to rally of about 50-60 in middle of small local park, disrupting usual parkgoers. H hacks bar, hire fee paid in cash, surveillance within room switched off, some leave room to order drinks from bar but not target. Few low-key cops keeping an eye on rally, few attendees with low-level magic, A blends into crowd while rest of us stay in van parked outside park. H & I Scan target – elf female, early 30s, slim build, no magic, ~50% Essence, feeling bored despite leading rally. Subtle whole-body cyberware (inc. bone, muscles, skin, head) including facial ’ware & spurs, ’ware slaved to commlink running silent while separate commlink active on Matrix. At end of rally target gets into car with driver, A follows on bike, target changes vehicles & makes routine attempts to lose tails before entering Inner Paris.
H discovers that Gendarmes Inc. have been investigating Monday Vikings, records kept in archives of local investigation department building, A & H begin planning infiltration op.


AndyWroe Kaililitu

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