Shadowrun Paris

Doc's Log 005

(Session 5, August 23rd)

Jul 18 – Ping from the dropbox H set up for a response from Clarice Frenell, wife of the missing SNCF engineer; anon asking for online meet at a Matrix cafe. Attend with I & L, H running background security. LeBlanc’s icon resembles C20th children’s trid character “Fat Controller”. Asks for evidence on ghoul infestation & accompanying ghoul mage, offers pay on behalf of SNCF (subcompany of ESUS) to clear out tunnels & recover engineer Michael Frenell alive/turned/dead. 10k bonus if we can deliver ghoul mage as live captive, gives contact link for collection team to call in once we have her.
Call Brek, invite him & any friends he can gather on short notice to come get revenge on ghouls with us, offer them small cut plus the ears of any ghouls we kill. While waiting for their arrival, I & L summon spirits & we plan assault. Brek arrives with ganger Francois (both with assault rifles) & ganger Dirk with impressive machine gun. We block surface ventilation vents to prevent ghouls escaping, send I’s elemental spirit to kill any ghouls emerging from second station, have H close down all the tunnel doors, then go in through ruined station/office complex. Building clear above ground, large room at base of stairs contains 6 dwarf ghouls who pelt me with rubble & 1 troll ghoul in lavatory, set on fire by I & decked by an intercept from L. Catch breath, collect ears for Brek. Feral ghoul rabble flees station in panic to pound on gates, I spots astral barrier around large room at one end of station. L’s spirit breaks through, room on other side contains 1 troll ghoul, 2 human ghouls, 2 elf ghoul physical adepts with monoswords, glowing misty barrier around office in corner. Air elemental sweeps through us & attacks Dirk, dealt with by L. Ghouls in room tear through L’s spirit with claws, adept comes through doorway & attacks me with blow after blow from monosword.


AndyWroe Kaililitu

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