Tag: Location


  • Converted Factory

    Middle lifestyle, 3 work areas, extra secure (9600/month), Registered to Alexis Mackenzie a Sin r4 + driver's license + medical license an alias of [[:docinks | Doc Inks]] Located in the Gennevilliers/Colombes area NW of Paris which is under the …

  • Essilor - Pantin

    Offices of [[Essilor]] in Pantin. The runners liberated a medical sample and where they noticed some perfume vials in the secure storage area. Two story office building with a simple guard area with three guards at night, underground storage facility …

  • The Old Hat Shop

    An old tailor's manufacturing facility in the same district as the [[Converted Factory | Converted Factory]] the runners use as a base. Often used as a covert meeting place.

  • Lille

    Lille is one of the largest cities of France. It is a hotbed of smuggling and counterfeiting. The city is a stronghold of the Vory Batoukhtina but Piotr Wienskelas established a union competitor consists of minority criminal factions. In 2071, …