Saeder-Krupp Schwerindustriegesellschaft (Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company), or S-K, headquartered in Essen, Germany, is the largest corporation in the world. It controls BMW, one of the seven founders of the Corporate Court and thus possesses permanent AAA prime megacorporation status. Since a leveraged buyout in 2038, S-K is wholly owned by the Great Dragon Lofwyr. S-K’s main business interests lie in heavy industry, nuclear energy, oil, chemistry, aerospace and telecommunications.

…snippet of interest…

In 2032, Michel Beloit died under unknown circumstances. Many believe that the Great Western Dragon Lofwyr was behind Beloit’s death, but it has never been proven. Regardless, Beloit’s dutiful wife Willhelmina Graff-Beloit, assumed control of BMW after her husband’s death and proved quite adept at the running of the company. Despite the opposition, her five year reign as CEO was quite successful. During her tenure, Lofwyr was working behind the scenes through shell companies and proxies to continue purchasing up all the available stock he could lay his claws on.

According to eyewitnesses, on one fateful day in 2037 Lofwyr entered into the boardroom in his metahuman form, announced that he owned 63% of S-K. Then promptly shifted into dragon form and asked the board if anyone had any questions. He then proceeded to vote himself President and CEO, and kicked Graff-Beloit off of the board.

Graff-Beloit tried to fight back through the Corporate Court. And when that failed, she tried to find justice in her own way, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Her team of mercenaries sent to assassinate Lofwyr were returned to her. As the story goes, the great dragon was so impressed with her nerve and resolve he let that one attempt slide. Though he did warn her personally that if she tried again she would pay with her life. Beloit-Graff fell into obscurity after that, only making blips on the radar when she moved to the Zurich-Orbital Habitat (Z-O) in 2050, and with her death from a stroke on January 25th, 2063.


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